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NSF Certified HDPE Antimicrobial Sheet 96X48inch

  1. MaterialNSF and FDA approved food grade HDPE+ antimicrobial agent
  2. Size96X48inch
  3. ColorVarious of colors
  4. Origin : Taiwan
  5. Features
  • NSF certified and FDA approved food grade safety material
  • Commercial grade-NSF certified HDPE antimicrobial cutting board
  • HACCP compliant- color-coded for use with different types of food
  • Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Great for all cutting jobs
  • Warp, stain and crack resistant
  • Available for chopping all kinds of ingredients
  • Won't cause damage to the knife-edge
  • Includes ISHIZUKA Antimicrobial Protection to prevent stains, odors, and the spread of potentially harmful microbes
  • Custom size and color are available
HDPE Sheet 1255689