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LOTBOARD Commercial Plastic Cutting Boards - NSF Certified Food-Grade Cutting Boards with Years of Expertise

Established in 1985. LOTUS PRECISION, INC. is a manufacturer specialized in the research, development and production of plastic cutting board. With many years of experience, we have developed a professional know-how for fully automated production procedure. We hope to offer our customers with the highest quality, utmost service, and the most reasonable and competitive price. It has always been our great pleasure to cooperate with our customers to work for the same target, to create the new opportunity, and to develop the new market. We offer a wide selection of sizes, colors and designs. Our products have been exported to overseas for many years, these countries including America, Europe, Asia, etc. Be widely trusted and highly praised by customers. OEM&ODM are very welcome.

Our major products are commercial kitchen cutting board, house-hold cutting board, multi-layer cutting board, professional chopping board, non-slip cutting board, anti-bacterial cutting board, plastic cutting board for food processing industry, custom plastic cutting board, plastic cutting board for food equipment, super-thick plastic board, meat processing cutting board, food preparation cutting board for baking factory, plastic cutting board for candy making machine, rolling pin, stirrer, plastic board for vacuum packaging machine, PP plastic filter board, PP plastic cutting board, sushi mold, pastry mold, tofu mold, etc. We also have industrial plastic sheet, semi-finished engineering plastic and machined part. Every piece of our cutting board has their advantages with non-toxic, hygienic, easy-to clean, and HACCP compliant. The material used in our products are compliant with various regulations including NSF, FDA, EU and more. Moreover, our products have TUV, NSF, SGS, INTERTEK, FIRDI, and ISHIZUKA certified --Safety Guaranteed! You can have more up-to-date collections from our designs.

Our major products and main service items are as follows:

" LOTBOARD" NSF certified professional plastic cutting board and plastic cutting board for food processing industry:
Professional plastic cutting board, professional round plastic cutting board, anti-bacterial plastic cutting board, full HDPE cutting board, multi-layer cutting board, multi-layer round anti-bacterial cutting board, etc. For the requests of those customers such as hotel, restaurant, commercial kitchen, market, and food-processing plant with qualified standards. Customization is available.

Classic plastic cutting board:
Classic cutting board, multi-layer cutting board, marble designed cutting board, non-slip cutting board, anti-bacterial cutting board, etc. With more than 200 collections from traditional function to fashionable design are available under your request.

Plastic kitchen tools:
Rolling pin, stirrer, rice bucket, cutting board rack, cutting board stand, cutting board foot, cutting board refinisher, sushi mold, pastry mold, tofu mold, etc.

Engineering plastic sheet, semi-finished engineering plastic, and machined part:
With different plastic materials and formulas, available as full-size plates, blocks or machined parts and accessories for food processing, packing, sugar refinery and paper-mill and so on. These boards are really environmental friendly, and they are also acid-proof, alkali-proof, and extremely durable.

Cutting board resurfacing:
When a knife cuts into the surface and creates a gap, bacteria and other micro-organisms embed themselves deep within the surface. Cutting board resurfacing can eliminate the cost of repeatedly purchasing new cutting boards and disposing of old ones.


Services: Commercial Plastic Cutting Board,NSF Certified Plastic Cutting Board,Full HDPE Sheet,Cutting Board Resurfacing,Classic Cutting Board,Round Cutting Board,Multilayer Cutting Board,Kitchenware