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Non-slip Antimicrobial Multilayer Cutting Board 220X190X10mm (ML-201)

  1. ItemML-201 Chicken Type
  2. MaterialFood grade PP+ NSF approved antimicrobial agent+ food grade TPR
  3. Size220X190X10mm (with 3 layers, 2.5mm for each layer)
  4. OriginTaiwan
  5. Features
  • Includes ISHIZUKA Antimicrobial Protection to prevent stains, odors, and the spread of potentially harmful microbes
  • Economical, lightweight, and long-term enduring - 2 removable cutting layers, totaling 3 cutting surfaces (2.5mm for each layer)
  • Warp, stain and crack resistant 
  • NSF approved and FDA approved food grade safety material
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Won't cause damage to the knife-edge
  • In physical combination, removable cutting layers are in one piece before detachment
  • Cutting line design  remove the dirty surface easily 
  • Anti-slip surface texturing and anti-slip feetgreat for all cutting jobs


Non-slip Antimicrobial Multilayer Cutting Board Instructions

When the surface is dirty, we can remove the damaged surface with a knife.

  1. Please stand the cutting board upright.
  2. Find the cutting line which is designed on the corner of the cutting board.
  3. Use the knife, and cut into the cutting line gently.
  4. Cut along the edge.
  5. Rotate the cutting board, then repeat 4 (Cut along the edge) until the damaged surface can be removed from the cutting board totally.
  6. A fresh cutting board will make you feel comfortable and easy to use.
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