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Antimicrobial Flexible Cutting Board Mats 390X270X0.8mm (F-04)

  1. ItemF-04 
  2. MaterialFDA approved food grade PP+ NSF approved antimicrobial agent  
  3. Size390X270X0.8mm
  4. ColorRed, Yellow, Blue, Green
  5. Origin : Taiwan
  6. Features

l  NSF approved and FDA approved food grade safety material

l  Dishwasher safe

l  Flexible, lightweight and durable

l  A gorgeous piece to any kitchen

l  Color-coded for use with different types of food - red for meat, blue for seafood, yellow for poultry and green for vegetables

l  Cutting surface will not dull knives

l  Cutting mat is designed to protect countertops

l  Transport chopped vegetation and meats to stovetop pots and pans

l  Includes ISHIZUKA Antimicrobial Protection to prevent stains, odors, and the spread of potentially harmful microbes

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